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Pacific Coast Highway, Day 13: San Diego to Redding, Hollywood Highlights

As we enter the home stretch of our vacation, I’ve finally found the answer to two important questions:

1. How is it possible to grow enough food for the entire country?

2. Why do people say California is hot? The weather around the coast was downright chilly.

Today we drove for 10 1/2 hours on the freeway. The first half was nothing but desert and fruit trees.


When we pulled into our hotel, it was a brisk 112 degrees; we immediately headed here



Now, back to Hollywood.


Hollywood Boulevard is like a miniature Times Square. Billboards, shopping, and quirky performers abound. People dress up in costumes and charge money to take pictures with them.


That’s how we learned Minnie’s hugs aren’t free. My daughter ran up to her as soon as we arrived. We thought she was part of some show until she jabbed my husband in the shoulder and pointed to her palm for payment. The costumes ranged from really good (Iron Man) to really sad (a Spider man who looked like he was wearing a pair of footie pajamas for grownups. Not too many pics with Spidey.) Here are some more.

The Dolby Theater is the place where the Oscars are held, as well as the finale of American Idol.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

I don’t remember what this building is called, but it’s where the old Superman show was set, and where he stood at the top holding the American Flag.

This is the nightclub where Whitney Houston sang her last song.

This was a movie prop warehouse–note the two statues from Night at the Museum.

It’s easy to see why studios support the town. They’re everywhere.

Pink’s hot dogs. I wanted to go, but look at that line!

The infamous Chateau Marmont. And, finally, what I thought was the highlight of the tour…

Stephen Spielberg’s house overlooks the city. It’s also known as Tony Stark’s house in Ironman. 


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2 responses to “Pacific Coast Highway, Day 13: San Diego to Redding, Hollywood Highlights

  1. val ⋅

    We let Ryan watch Iron Man- he was excited to see those pics. Wish you could have gotten a pic of him on the strip. Loved the pic of Mira with Minnie. Also would like for you to have tried Pinks- I really want to know if it is worth the fuss. But I wouldn’t have waited in that line either. Did you see any bakeries there? Doesn’t seem like I have heard of any from there..

    • There was so much to do in Southern California, that it was hard to fit it all in. I really wanted to go to Sprinkles, but we didn’t make it. I went to that cookie bakery. It was awesome.

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