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Pacific Coast Highway, Day 14: Redding To Seattle, THE END!

“Whoo, this is heavy! What do you have in here? A box of rocks?”

How many people can actually answer yes to that question? Ooh, pick me, pick me! The agates are settling nicely into their new home, the chinchilla has refreshed himself with a dust bath, and the cat has properly chastised us with accusatory meows. Ah, home.

On the ten-hour drive from Redding to Seattle, we stopped here, the public market in Eugene, Oregon. It was beautiful. It smelled good. It was bigger than our entire downtown.

Take me back! I’m not done soaking up culture yet! *clears throat* Ahem, moving on. Coincidentally, my husband’s cousin had just arrived near Seattle four days previous for a new job. Our last dinner was spent at Duke’s Chowder house which was so good I may have made noises while eating.

This morning we woke a little before four, sprinted to the airport, and realized that the hotel had mistakenly kept my husband’s driver’s license when we checked in last night. The good news is that you can use your Costco card as ID in order to fly. The bad news is that if terrorists join Costco, we’re doomed.

We’re home. The trip was as fun as I’ve (hopefully) made it seem here. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure I would recommend to anyone. On that note, I would be remiss if I did not cite two sources that helped immensely on our journey:

In case you can’t read those titles perched artfully on the edge of my table, I’ll translate. Road Trip USA, Pacific Coast Highway by Jamie Jensen and West Coast Road Eats by Anna Roth.

Thank you for coming along on our adventure. In five years, maybe we’ll have another. (You’ll still be here waiting, right? Right? Hello?)


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One response to “Pacific Coast Highway, Day 14: Redding To Seattle, THE END!

  1. Mandy Peterson ⋅

    Our family is on vacation too and every night while I was lying with one of the kids until they fell asleep I would sneak the iPad to help pass the time. I always looked forward to reading about your adventures. Too bad you are home I have three nights left.

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