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Cross Country Trip, Day 10: Seattle to Bainbridge Island

We started our day by heading to Bainbridge Island. Not because we necessarily wanted to see the island, but because ferries are a must do and the best way to see Seattle’s skyline, or so everyone says.


Are you a honkaholic? If so, Washington would like you to stop.

I’ve ridden in ferries before–to Put-In-Bay on Lake Erie and Monhegan Island in Maine. They could have fit in this one with a few of their friends and still had room to spare.


This is one small portion of the giant, giant vessel. Commuters find them so boring that they remain in their cars and sleep. We took our car; don’t do that. The downtown is within an easy walk of the ferry station.

Here’s a bit of our view on the way:






Bainbridge Island was a cute little town that’s worth a look. The stores were quirky and interesting.







And especially this:





I love, love, love premium ice cream. Not only does it taste delicious, but it doesn’t use artificial ingredients. My dye-sensitive daughter was able to eat strawberry ice cream for the first time in a long time.

Next we went to my favorite place in Seattle.



First we went here.





A crumpet is like a mix between a really good English muffin and a pancake. It was griddled, drizzled with melted butter and honey, and so good that I almost forgot to take a picture until it was too late. Must learn to make crumpets.

We hoped to see the guys throwing fish, but no one was buying. (Cheap, cheap people.) These guys were playing, though, and they were good.



At the market, you can get some of the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen for five bucks.



Along with fruit and vegetables.



It’s like your neighborhood farmer’s market on steroids. With the original Starbucks.



And the original and ridiculously long Starbuck’s line.



Supper was my favorite clam chowder from Pike Place Chowder. It’s worth the drive or flight from wherever you live. Seriously.



Tomorrow we board the boat, and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the food the view. I’ve heard a lot about Alaskan cruises and the amazing food unbeatable scenery. I can’t wait to go to a midnight buffet be with my sisters and their families again. We’re going to gain a lot of weight have a lot of fun.


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2 responses to “Cross Country Trip, Day 10: Seattle to Bainbridge Island

  1. Pam ⋅

    Hi! All of your pictures and comments make me want to go there!!! Maybe someday! Look forward to tomorrow’s visit.

  2. Betty and Bob Moore ⋅

    Are you on that Gospel Music Alaskan cruise with Greater Vision, Collingsworth Family, and others??? I would love a cruise like that. Waiting to hear about it!!!

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