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Day Four: Albuquerque to Colorado Springs

Fact: I don’t like the heat. Yesterday when we rolled into town, it was 94 degrees, but after experiencing 97 degrees of high humidity in Memphis, I can finally say that I appreciate the difference in dry heat. Yesterday’s high temps felt downright pleasant and when the sun went down it was almost too chilly to swim. After one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen, I am sold on New Mexico!

We took a pause on heading west and turned north toward Colorado.

Our first stop was Santa Fe. (After backtracking a few miles when we missed the turnoff.) Santa Fe is one of the oldest cities in the country, with strict building codes that mandate everything be built in the adobe mission style. There were shops and art museums aplenty downtown, but of course we had no time to see them.


Back on the road, we headed to Vegas. (Not that one. New Mexico has its own version.) We ate at a food truck called Skillet.


Between New Mexico and Colorado, the terrain vacillated from mountains to flatlands and back again. Finally, we arrived.


Our first stop in Colorado Springs was Focus on the Family. Let me just say that even if you’re not a fan of the radio program, the kids’ play area was AMAZING and a must stop if you have children under the age of 12. Unfortunately we only had ten minutes because they closed at five. (Time, our archenemy, strikes again.)



Since none of us was super hungry, we headed for Garbanzo—a Denver chain that’s the Chipotle of Mediterranean food.


But even if you’re not hungry, there’s always room for dessert.



We drove through a neighborhood where deer strolled casually on the sidewalks.


*Side note about Colorado: It’s the fittest state and you can feel it. There are no fatties here and everyone walks and bikes seemingly constantly.

To wind up the evening, we headed to Garden of the Gods, a red rock formation that springs up in the middle of green mountains. It’s almost indescribably beautiful. And, being Colorado, there were people climbing them. It was the perfect benediction to a long another long day of travel.





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