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Day Five: Colorado Springs to Rocky Mountain National Park

Today was for exploring. With only a two and a half hour drive time, we had a few more minutes to stop and smell the baked goods. We started here in Denver. (Because what else do you do in the capitol of the country’s fittest city but buy baked goods?)



Victory Love and Cookies was featured on Unique Eats. They sell cookies and breads. We bought cookies, but the bread looked and smelled divine.

Next we moved on to Boulder where I fully expected to run into Mork and Mindy. Alas, I did not. Instead we visited the Pearl Street Mall, an eclectic shopping complex.


Due to Colorado’s notorious new law, you may be wondering if we saw any able-bodied young people crashed out on a lawn doing nothing but smoking dope. Yes, yes we did. Thankfully I’m from near Yellow Springs, Ohio, so it felt like home.

Forty minutes later, we were in Estes Park, home of Rocky Mountain National Park. With so much rare and natural beauty abounding, we immediately headed for pie.



And then the park.


The WOW factor cannot be overstated.


Speaking of WOW factor, this is our hotel.


If you recognize the Stanley Hotel, you might be a Stephen King fan. This hotel was the inspiration for the movie The Shining. (It was also the fancy hotel used in Dumb and Dumber.) It’s as beautiful and iconic on the inside as it looks on the outside. The only drawback is that all of us are sharing a room. It’ll be a battle to the finish. Something tells me the baby might come out on top.


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