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Day Seven: Glenwood Springs to Arches National Park

We headed west again. But first doughnuts.


Coloradough in Glenwood Springs custom fills their doughnuts with multiple selections of fillings. Why isn’t this a thing everywhere? How does one start a White House petition to make it so?

Moving on, we continued westward for a few more hours and arrived in Utah.


The greenness of Colorado had slowly morphed into rocks. Then the gray and green rocks morphed into red and we were here:


Let me tell you what I like about Arches. In addition to the beauty, the park isn’t super crowded like some others. (That’s right, I’m talking to you, Yellowstone.) There aren’t hordes of people hemming you in on every side, crowding for their turn to suck up the beauty. Also, it’s possible to see the park in one day. We drove the main road and paused a few times to take pictures. Of course die-hard hikers and campers will want to take more time, but the near-hundred degree temps mandated that we keep our walks short. Here are some of the highlights. (If some of these scenes look familiar, it’s because some movies have been shot here, including Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.)


Balance Rock


There are petroglyphs:


And of course some arches: (This one’s Delicate Arch.)



This was the arch used in the Indiana Jones movie. You were also able to climb part of it.


My husband and kids above and my husband making the final ascent solo below.


For supper we ate at Susie’s Branding Iron.


The food was good, the portions large, and the prices reasonable. (Their pie is supposed to be awesome, but we were too full.)

*A word about our hotel: We’re staying at the Archway Inn. It’s quiet with a nice pool and full breakfast. Best of all the room is set up for a large group. There are three queen size beds and two TV’s, so even though everyone is together we each have our own space.

Tomorrow we’ll be hiking in another national park, and it suddenly seems important to know which one the guy who did his own amputation got his arm trapped in. Fingers crossed we’ll all come out intact.


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