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Book Publication List

The Lacy Steele Mystery Series:

Morning Cup of Murder (September 2011)

Christmas Steele (November 2011)

Building Blocks of Murder (January 2012)

Family Case of Murder (April 2012)

Arch Enemy of Murder (September 2012)

Class Reunion of Murder (February 2013)

Wedding Day of Murder (September 2013)

Icy Grip of Murder (April 2014)

Ladies Circle of Murder (May 2015)

Last Resort of Murder (May 2016)

Fowl Friend of Murder (September 2017)


The Sadie Cooper Mystery Series:

Pecked to Death (August 2012)

Slumbered to Death (December 2012)

Salvaged to Death (July 2013)

Confederated to Death (March 2017)


The Justice Seekers Series:

The Vigilante Club (May 2012)

Orchestrating Justice (April 2013)

Vigilante Vendetta (January 2014)


The Shadow Realm Series:

The Shadow Grasper (December 2011)

The Shadow Talker (December 2011)

The Shadow Seeker (January 2012)

The Shadow Lifter (March 2012)


The Kings of Montana:

Cowboy Down (August 2011)

Cowboy Lost (August 2011)

Cowboy Found (September 2011)

Cowboy Proud (September 2011)

Christmas with the Kings (November 2011)


The Queens of Montana:

The Cowgirl Code (March 2011)

One Classy Cowgirl (April 2011)

Cowgirl Undercover (May 2011)

Cowgirl on the Run (July 2011)

The Cowgirl Who Loved Horses (October 2011)


The Honeywells of Kentucky:

Wild Stallions (December 2011)

Wild and Wounded (December 2011)

Wild Pride (December 2011)

Wild and Unbroken (January 2012)

Wild and Free (January 2012)


Mission of the Heart Series:

Worlds Apart (November 2012)

A Stone’s Throw (March 2013)

Common Ground (TBA)


Brothers Courageous:

Shooter (March 2012)

Gunner (April 2012)

Spotter (May 2012)

Point Man (July 2012)


Paradise, Montana Series:

Bumpy Road to Paradise (January 2014)

Purgatory in Paradise (February 2015)

Reunited in Paradise (July 2015)

Growing Pains in Paradise (January 2016)

Enchanted Cottage in Paradise (November 2016)

Road Trip From Paradise (TBA)


Stand-alone Titles:

Murder on the Brain (February 2012)

A Christian Cougar (April 2011)

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (August 2012)

The Pajama Affair (November 2011)

For the Girls (September 2013)





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